Caesarstone Wholesale Porcelain Slabs And Countertops

Porcelian stands as one of the fastest growing products in the global countertop market as more and more customers are entranced by the materials natural asthetic, versatile capabilities, and cost efficiency. Caesarstone has a long standing as a leading producer of high quality quartz countertops, but has recently jumped into the porcelain market with a splash. Caesarstone has worked hard to apply their award-winning designs and global recognition to their porcelain products, finding a lot of success as customers fall in love. 

As you look for the right materials for your home or commercial renovations, Caesarstone porcelain may be just the thing for you. Quartzstonedirect has a wide variety of Caesarstone porcelain for sale, capable of elevating any design and style you’re working with. We also wholesale options so you can save some money on those big project purchases. Take a look on our website and don’t hesitate to order some samples if you are having trouble deciding between a few options.

Why porcelain?

The countertop market has long been dominated by materials like quartz, marble, and granite, but porcelain stands as an underappreciated and outstanding option. Porcelain’s durability and beauty matches quartz to any extent that matters, it’s 100% natural, and is a more affordable option. 

Porcelain was first developed in ancient China, thousands of years ago. Since then, the production process has been replicated and refined to perfection, implemented by companies like Caesarstone to create an unmatched countertop material.

Powered china stone and a white china clay, called kaolin, is mixed together and exposed to extreme heat. This vitrifies the materials, producing the durability and glass-like smoothness of porcelain. Kaolin also contains impurities, such as silica and feldspars that add to the porcelain's strength and color. Finally, when manufcated for countertops, the porcelain is coated with a pigmetized glaze that enhances the look and feel. This glaze can contain any variety of pigments, allowing for a diverse range of color in porcelain countertops. 

Why Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is longstanding global countertop company, known for their high quality materials and customer care. Caesarstone porcelain countertops have a lifetime residential warranty, given that they are professionally installed. They have extreme faith in the products and strive to help customers reach their dream designs with ease and efficiency. 


When it comes to home or commercial rennovations, price is absolutely a contending factor to consider. High quality countertop materials can run a steep price, but porcelain is cheaper than many of its competitors including quartz, marble, and granite. Not to mention, once it’s installed, it has an extremely low maintenance cost. Marble and granite countertops require sealing at least once a year in order to maintain their appearance and functionality. Porcelain requires no such extra work. All you need to maintain your porcelain countertops is a little bit of soap and warm water. If trying to work within a budget and still have beautiful and long lasting countertops, Caesarstone porcelain is perfect to meet your needs.

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