Cambria Quartz Countertops For Sale

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Its strength and abundance make it an optimal material for countertops and its clean look makes for a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Quartzstonedirect has some of the most premium Cambria quartz countertops for sale, but first let us tell you more about this amazing design material.

The pros of quartz countertops

  • Durability. Quartz is one of the most durable materials on the market and, unlike granite or marble, it requires no regular maintenance or sealing to preserve its look. 
  • Nonabsorbent. Quartz countertops will resist staining from spills, as well as not harbor any bacteria like linoleum or wood might.
  • Heat and scratch resistant. Quartz countertops are resistant to scratches and burns, making them long lasting and non-cumbersome in your day-to-day kitchen activities. 

Worth the price

You might be wondering, how expensive are these amazing countertops? While on the more expensive side, as far as countertop materials are concerned, it's well worth the price. The price of Cambria quartz countertops is comparable to granite or other mid to high level materials, but require none of the maintenance the others do. You are getting the most value, the longest lasting, and some of the most beautiful counters for a price that is reasonable for those benefits. 

While cheaper materials, such as wood, linoleum, or ceramic, are in the end going to cost you more in maintenance, repair, or replacement. None of these other materials can boast the durability, low maintenance, and beauty of quartz. 

Versatility and beauty

Quartz is held in high esteem for its versatility in design, having some of the widest variety of any countertop material. There is white quartz, black quartz, and every shade in between all for sale at Quartzstonedirect. Within these different types of quartz are even more types of veins that add a different dimension of design and feel in every piece. 

No matter your style, there is a Cambria quartz countertop that suits your look. Going clean and modern? Get Cambria white quartz countertops to match your neutral colors and elegant design. Going for bohemian? Get quartz with wide brown veins to match the open earthy feel. There really is something for everybody when it comes to quartz countertops. 

How do I care for my quartz countertops?

As mentioned above, what's so great about Cambria quartz countertops is there minimal maintenance needed. Marble and granite countertops require sealing and polishing on a regular basis, but not quartz. That said, a little bit of maintenance and cleaning will help ensure that your countertops last as long and look as good as they should. All you need to do is use water and a little mild soap to clean the surface and a soft cotton cloth to dry it afterwards. 

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