Daltile Porcelain Slab Countertops

Daltile is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of porcelain slab countertops, as well as ceramic tile and natural stone countertops. Porcelain is a high quality material that is both strong and beautiful; Daltile takes pride in providing some of the best porcelain slab countertops on the market. At Quartzstonedirect, we have a variety of Daltile porcelain slab countertops for sale, suited to any number of designs. Be sure to take a look at our collection and take your project to the next level with Daltile porcelain, but first let us tell you more about the product.

Why porcelain?

Porcelain stands as one of the most sought after and highest quality countertop materials on the market today. It’s durability and beauty make it a top contender for design and function and it is completely 100% natural. 

Porcelain is formed through a process that was first developed in ancient China. The process has since been refined and perfected over thousands of years and is implemented by Daltile in their nine world-class American plants. Powdered china stone and a white china clay, called kaolin, is mixed together and is vitrified through extreme heat. This creates the glass-like properties of porcelain. When manufactured for countertops, porcelain is then coated with a pigmetized glaze that enhances the look and feel of the tile. This glaze allows for a wide spectrum of colors to be added to porcelain, making it one of the most versatile materials.

Why Daltile?

Founded in Dallas, in 1947, Daltile has since grown to become one of the largest tile manufacturers and distributors in the United States. They are a company committed to excellence in their craft and hold themselves to the highest industry standards. Daltile works to foster trust with their customers and strive to uphold corporate ethics and sustainable practices. 

Daltile porcelain slabs are some of the finest quality countertops that can transform any home or office into a magnificent space. We have some of their best selling products for sale ranging from Moonstone to Aspen Gray. Whatever your vision, Daltile porcelain can complete it.

Benefits of porcelain

  • Heat resistant. You should have no worries about harming your porcelain countertops with hot pots and pans.
  • Stain resistant. Porcelain is super non absorbent and will not harbor any stains or odors.
  • Easy maintenance. Porcelain countertops don’t require to be sealed like marble and granite do.
  • UV resistant. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will not harm your porcelain countertops making them an ideal option for outdoor spaces.
  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike Dekton, Silestone, and other man made countertop materials, porcelain is made from 100% natural materials.

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