Pental Quartz Countertops Wholesale

Quartz, an abundant and strong mineral, stands as one of the most popular and reliable countertop materials on the market today. Numerous brands contend for the top spot in the quartz countertop market, all making waves in their own regard. Pental strives to provide high quality quartz, suitable for a range of projects and design styles. At Quartzstonedirect, we have a wide range of Pental quartz countertops for sale including wholesale options so you can save money on the big project purchases. Be sure to take a look at our selection, but first a bit more about Pental quartz countertops so you can feel informed and reassured in your final decision.

Why Pental quartz?

Pental’s quartz countertop manufacturing process is world renowned, containing 90-93% natural quartz combined with 7-10% bonding agents, pigments, and special additives that increases the countertop’s durability, versatility, and beauty. 

  • Pental quartz is strong through and through. Pental quartz countertops will be impervious to cracking or chipping under a wide extent of day to day activity.
  • Quartz’s nonporous nature, combined with Pental’s expert finishes ensure no stains or odors will hold in your countertops.
  • Pental quartz countertops are also extremely heat and scratch resistant, nearly impossible to be harmed by hot pans or knifes.
  • Extremely minimal care is required to maintain Pental quartz countertops. A little soap and water is all you need to keep your countertops pristine and lasting a lifetime. Other materials like marble and granite require sealing at least once a year, but not quartz.

Color variety and versatility

Pental quartz also has some of the widest ranging options for colors and finishes, making it that much easier to find the countertops suited to your needs and style. Pental quartz has a color palette ranging from subtle beige and gray tones, to vibrant and rich creams. Whatever you design preference, Pental quartz will meet and exceed your expectations. If you are having trouble deciding between options, take advantage of our sample delivery service so you can examine your choices in the comfort of your home. 

The Pental promise

Pental quartz countertops also come with a 15 year warranty policy for residental use and a 10 year warranty policy for commerical, given that it is professional installed. This is just one more factor to help you feel confident in your decision, as well as demonstrates the faith Pental has in their professional grade product. 

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