Silestone White And Black Granite Slab For Kitchens

Silestone black and white quartz slabs are another top tear brand of material, destined to take your kitchen to the next level of luxury. At Quartzstonedirect, we have a wide variety of Silestone kitchen slabs for sale, ranging in look and color, but consistent in quality and functionality. Before beginning renovations, be sure to take a look at the Silestone kitchen slabs we have to offer so you can make your dream home a reality. First, however, let’s discuss a bit more about Silestone quartz slabs and what makes them so desirable.

What are Silestone slabs?

Silestone has taken the foundation of quartz and improved upon it to create a stronger, lower maintenance, and more sustainable countertop. Similar to Dekton, Silestone slabs are a combination of materials, namely quartz, as well as glass and certain resins and adhesives. These materials undergo a process in which the quartz is bonded to these resins and adhesives, making it stronger and more durable.

This also creates a lower maintenance product. Already, quartz is extremely low maintenance and doesn’t require the sealing that granite and marble countertops do. Quartz is extremely strong, scratch and heat resistant, and doesn’t stain or hold odor. The resins and adhesives that bond to the quartz in the Silestone production process enhance all these qualities.

Silestone takes it even another step further by making an effort to create a more sustainable kitchen counter material. Silestone slabs outfitted with HybriQ+ technology, have a minimum of 20% recycled materials in their composite. The kitchen is a place of creation and imagination, Silestone takes this mindset and implements it into their products in order to create a better tomorrow. 

Beauty and design

At Quartzstonedirect, we offer a wide variety of black and white Silestone quartz slabs with different grains and veins able to match almost any design. The clean and simple look black or white countertops adds to a kitchen’s feel and environment is unparalleled. The different levels of grain or veins allows for an even higher level of customization. Take a look at the options we have and order some samples if you are stuck deciding between a few. 


As with most high quality countertop materials, Silestone slabs can run you some extra money, but prices vary and if you can work out a price that fits into your budget it is definitely worth it. Prices range depending on a variety of factors including the season, quality, thickness, and vein. Also, installation adds to the price and can vary depending on the difficulty and size of the project. 

In the long run, however, paying a little extra for a high quality material like Silestone quartz slabs will save you money in the end. Cheaper materials such as wood or linoleum suffer much more wear and tear and will have to be repaired or replaced at some point. Silestone quartz, on the other hand, will last a lifetime with minimal care. So do some research, find out what works with your budget and make your dream kitchen a reality with Silestone quartz.

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