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Quartz is a very strong and very adubandt mineral, making it an ideal material for countertops. When remodeling your home, or working on another project, it can take time to find the right material to bring your space to life. Vadara quartz makes the decision easier. Vadara is leading the aesthetic movement of the quartz industry with their elegant designs and unique finishes. Vadara has quickly become a go-to choice for designers and may be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at our website to see the Vadara quartz we have for sale, but first let us tell you a little more about the brand and their premium product.

The pros of Vadara quartz

Vadara quartz is 93% quartz, the rest of the ingredients are high-quality polymers that make the quartz even stronger and more heat and scratch resistant. All Vadara quartz slabs are cured, gauged, and polished in order to create a more dense and less porous countertop. This means:

  • Vadara quartz won’t hold stains or smells
  • Will remain undamaged by hot pans or knifes
  • Will not chip or break under weight or pressure

One thing to be mindful of, however, is sunlight exposure. Quartz can discolor and fade over time when over exposed to UV radiation. So if you are working on an outdoor space, something like porcelain might be more suited to your needs. For indoor projects though, like kitchen countertops, Vadara quartz is as good as it gets.

Vadara quartz is also extremely low maintenance. Quartz requires no sealing like other materials such as marble and granite. To clean your quartz countertops all you need is a little soap and water. With minimal care, Vadara quartz are countertops that will last a lifetime and look amazing.

Versatility and Beauty

Vadara quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors, all with different grains and veins. The versatility of quartz is unmatched, it can be incorporated into almost any design style with ease, while actually improving the look and feel of the space. Vadara is in particular known for their beautiful finishes and has been rising in popularity with designers over many years. 

Explore the Vadara quartz we have to offer so you can find what is needed to make your dream kitchen spring to life. If you are having trouble deciding between a few options, ship some samples to your home for further consideration. 

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